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Take a last minute autumn break before winter arrives

Last minute autumn breaksNow is the perfect time to consider an autumn break – many destinations still have good weather and everything is much cheaper this time of year. So why restrict your family to July and August holidays when a half-term break can be just as much fun – if not even better?

Usually autumn is a time for getting back to work and school, coming back after fun and sunny summer trips. It can also be a particularly stressful time, as you’re settling back into a routine, and all you have to look forward to are shorter and colder days. A half-term break can be just what you need to recharge your batteries during a stressful period and get ready for the cold winter to come.

Autumn brings about beautiful colours and landscapes, as the leaves change colour, and nature seems to be shifting before our eyes.

If you prefer to do a lot of visiting, the weather is perfect for that during this time of year. It’s not so cold that it feels difficult to walk with all of those layers on you, and not so hot that you feel like passing out at the nearest café that boasts an air conditioner. It’s the perfect weather for walking around and visiting, not to mention the sun and lightning are usually just perfect for taking beautiful, Instagram-worthy photos.

It’s also a much better time of the year to visit, as there will be far less tourists than during the summer, and even than during winter break. You’ll have the time and space to explore at your leisure, without dozens of selfie sticks obstructing your view or the pictures you’re taking.

It’s a perfect time for visiting bigger cities now, particularly London which always appears to be filled to the brim with tourists. During autumn, things seem to slow down even here, as there won’t be huge queues to every single attraction and restaurant in town. Even in London, the prices for accommodation are cheaper during the autumn months. The streets of the city centre are also much less crowded, and the shops of Oxford Street aren’t as busy now.

Edinburgh is another great autumn choice; this beautiful city filled with numerous monuments and attractions is much less crowded now as summer, and the famous Edinburgh Festival are over. If you’re in the mood for festivals and celebrations this autumn, the Scottish capital doesn’t disappoint: check out the Edinburgh International Storytelling Festival for over a week during October, and if you’re there for the beginning of November, you can catch the celebrations of Bonfire Night, also known as Guy Fawkes Night, which features an amazing half hour fireworks show and other entertainment.

If you’re the outdoors type and want to connect with nature for your holiday, autumn is the perfect time as there won’t be as many people around and you get the peace and quiet you need to relax and recharge for the rest of the year. The views are also much more beautiful, with the beautiful colours and the fiery landscapes that usually accompany the autumn nature changes. Imagine yourself exploring the stunning west coast of Ireland, or perhaps the magnificent mountains and valleys of the Snowdonia National Park in Wales – and at the end of the day, returning to your own private cabin that you only share with your family, and having a nice steaming cup of hot chocolate while watching the sun disappear, leaving behind striking hues of red and orange.

Autumn is perfect for visiting any one of the United Kingdom’s beautiful national parks. The kids can explore, run and play around in the heart of nature, while you can relax and recharge your batteries in a beautiful setting.

Wiltshire is another great option for autumn travellers – you can visit Stonehenge in near solitude (or at the very least, there won’t be as many people as there were a few months before), and admire some of the most beautiful autumn colours you’ll see in the entire United Kingdom.

The best part about autumn holidays though is how much cheaper they can be compared to summer and winter holidays, both in terms of travelling and accommodation, as well as the prices once you get to your destination. In fact, summer holidays seem to be getting more and more expensive, and if you also have a big family to take with you, it’s becoming more and more difficult to be able to afford a nice break during the summer season.

Plane and even bus and train tickets are much cheaper in the autumn, as well. Especially when you buy well in advance, you have the chance to find some really good bargains.

Renting a holiday let during autumn is also cheaper, and definitely much less expensive than hotels, even during the same time period. Not only that, but it will also help you save even more money once you get there, as you won’t always need to eat out, but rather you can cook yourself whenever you feel like it.

It will also allow you to relax more, and you won’t have to wake up at 7 a.m. while on holiday so that you can make sure everyone is dressed and ready for breakfast at the hotel. With a private holiday letting, you get to make your own schedule and get some more rest.

Autumn is also an amazing season for food and any food aficionados. Explore the vegetables and fruit that are in season and try new foods at some of the food festivals and markets that take place around the United Kingdom during the autumn season.

So if you haven’t had the time to take a trip this summer, or simply want to recharge your batteries, relax and have some fun before winter begins, autumn is the perfect time to go on vacation – the various tourist attractions will be less busy, the weather more pleasant for walking around and visiting and, perhaps most importantly, it will be much cheaper than during the peak season.

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