The UK Holiday Lettings Difference

UK Holiday Lettings is unique. Unlike some other holiday websites, you can search by area, and by type of accommodation. Our accommodation is not restricted to one company, one region, or one type of accommodation. We let you search for any type of accommodation, across the whole of the UK. Whatever your needs or budget we have something just right for you.

I’m Radka, the founder of UK Holiday Lettings, I was born in the Czech republic, and first came to the UK as an au pair in 1998, I swiftly fell in love with the country, and made my home here.

I have been a qualified psychotherapist since 2013, that was the same year I was nominated for a Pride of Peterborough award as healthcare professional of the year. For six years before that I had been working with the victim support, first in a rape crisis centre, and then with the homeless. Today I am focusing my energies on running  this website and making UK Holiday Lettings the best loved Holiday site in the UK.

My story

From the day I was born it was obvious that I would need to fight to get on in life. I was born prematurely, which led to a long series of operations. I have been close to death on more than one occasion.

My life changed in 2014 when I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. I had to give up work while I was recovering, and it was then that the idea for UK Holiday Lettings first came to me.

I started UK Holiday Lettings because I wanted to make a difference. I understand just how important holidays can be in helping us take time out of a busy schedule, and regain the energy we need before returning to work.

It was a holiday by the seaside that helped me to overcome the physical and emotional stress I had to cope with during my illness. That holiday led to me buying three caravans and first getting involved in the holiday let business. Finding people to rent my caravans meant having to deal with holiday lettings websites and I soon came to realise that these websites were difficult to navigate, and lacking many of the features I wanted. I knew that they could be made much more customer friendly, and I set out to prove it.

There were certain conditions that I set for myself when I first started planning UK Holiday lettings

  • I wanted to create a website which would allow people to easily find somewhere to visit.
  • I wanted to have a range of properties available so there was something for every budget
  • I wanted to allow people to choose a property for business meetings, weddings, birthday parties, or any other purpose if they wished to do so, not just holidays.
  • I wanted to be able to use part of the advertising revenue from UK Holiday lettings to benefit charities and other good causes. I have not had an easy life, and I want UK Holiday Lettings to be a way I can give back financially to those groups who helped me at times when I was struggling.

I believe that UK Holiday Lettings meets these criteria, and that this is the best website for all your holiday needs. If you would like to see any improvements, or changes to the site, please do let me know and we will consider them for our next update.